Single Twelve and Hiwatter Size Models
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Copyright (c) 2014 Caster Tray Inc.
The Caster Tray Ampcart will protect, elevate, wheel, and microphone-mount your guitar amplifier and speaker cabinets; all these elements are featured into one product model. 
It is designed to present a clean amp appearance and style at home and on stage, and itís also a perfect match for amplifiers and cabs with custom or manufacturer-supplied slip covers for use during transit. With our patented design and adjustable length and width sliding mechanism, a custom case will not always be necessary because every guitar amplifier or cab will fit in one of our two models. 

Four heavy-duty three-inch casters are standard for every Ampcart.  Spring-loaded, easy access handles are fitted  on both sides to facilitate the lifting and carrying of the amp. The left and right platforms can be extended sideways, varying the length, by simply adjusting the two knobs located underneath the front panel. The rear left and right corners can be extended backwards, varying the width, by simply adjusting each of the two knobs located underneath the side handles. The two front knobs are designed to fasten our optional microphone mount adapter, thereby eliminating the need for microphone stands.  The front panel can be used for decals or airbrush designs to showcase your band name.

All design considerations were made possible to make your amp or cabinet stand out in live performances and rehearsal sessions. The style will also blend in elegant recording studios and houses of worship settings. The Caster Tray Ampcart is well-built using lightweight, durable industrial aluminum for all-around rigidity. The platforms are made of ĺ laminated and edge-banded lightweight panel board for smooth slide and fastening retention.  The models are finished in powder coat sport silver with neoprene side cushioning. Patent pending.
Length:   19 - 25 1/2 inches.
Width:   9 - 11 inches.
Designed for:   1x12 guitar amplifier or speaker cabinet (exception: 1x12 wide body)

Finish: sport silver powder coat aluminum
Length:  23 1/2 - 32 inches.
Width:  10 3/4 - 14 1/2 inches.
Designed for:  1x15, 2x10, 2x12, 4x10, 4x12, 1x12 wide body guitar amplifier or speaker cabinet

Finish: sport silver powder coat aluminum
Single Twelve Ampcart
Hiwatter Ampcart